IMG_7997These are the loves of my life. Yes, my heart is very full and I love it!

My husband’s name is Craig. He is the very handsome blonde right next to me. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better prince charming. Interesting things to note about him…he’s crazy brilliant and talented. He can make literally anything. I am pretty sure this talent spawned from his hate for my pottery barn magazine that comes in the mail. So…..he’s resigned to making me everything I want in an effort to protect to save his pocketbook. (As long as I buy him the right tool, that is.) Craig is a clinical educator and Certified Prosthetist (a clinician who sees patients who have lost limbs). He jet sets around the world seeing difficult cases, and developing and teaching the latest technologies. He’s got a heart of gold. Best hubby and dad we could ask for.

We have 8 beautiful children together, Anthony (22), Andrew (17), Ethan (15), Julian (12) Ava (9), Payton and Sophia who are our 7 year old twins, and of course our son Tre who watches over us from heaven.

Yes, we had eight children on purpose. Our hearts yearned to bring each one of them into our lives. Some people ask me us why we would want a big family.
The answer is quite simple. Craig came from a big family, and I didn’t have a lot of love in my life growing up. I didn’t really have parents or a family to speak of and no real connection to my past. I knew that if I truly wanted a future filled with love, I would have to create that love for myself. So I did! I love my big family. It is crazy town most of the time, but it is a beautiful ride. <3