Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to…..me!

This past Saturday, I had a birthday.  This is how the day went….

  • Up all night worried about some stuff. (comes with the uterus)
  • Slept for an hour (finally!) Got up at 6am.
  • Woke up boys, had a “life lesson” talk for a couple of hours.
  • Cut Ethan’s hair, helped him find clothes to wear for his day date.
  • Helped coordinate the day.
  • Had Craig run and get fruit for the breakfast part of the day date that I didn’t know about. (boys, lol!)
  • Got Drew out the door an hour later for his day date.
  • Picked up vests and ties from Men’s Warehouse.
  • Picked up super fun stuff for prom pics.
  • Reminded Craig to have camera completely ready for pictures.
  • Bleached white shirts that I discovered looked too dingy to wear to prom. Ugh. I got this.
  • Steamed suits. Found stains on suits. Scrubbed stains out of suits. Dried suits.
  • Found belts.
  • Called boys, they were both running late getting home. Reminded them of dinner reservations, picture times and that the girls need more time to get ready.
  • Fell asleep for twenty minutes while waiting for them to get back.
  • Cut Drew’s hair.
  • Took a few pics of boys in their snazzy duds.
  • All heck breaks loose, cause its raining so both boys groups are no longer meeting at the same place for prom pics. AHHH! Scramble.
  • Craig goes with Ethan and picks up his date (hasn’t had his license long enough to drive alone, and ride arranged fell through.)
  • I go with Drew to take pics with his group.
  • Craig forgets to put memory card back in camera.
  • Call Craig to pick up memory card and Ethan’s corsage at the house and meet me at the house that Drew’s prom group is meeting at.
  • Pick up all group members of Drew’s group, get to house.
  • Prom Mom at house is taking pictures, and forgetting to let us take some. It happens. I tried to help, but got in the way more than anything. Kids are rushing everyone. Ethan is also telling me he needs to go, he is running late for his group. Now everyone in unison is rushing and moaning about having to take pictures.
  • I channeled my inner Christian, cause I’m about to go banshee on everyone. Kids are complaining that they need to go, even though they are the ones that gave us five minutes to take pictures. Sometimes, I grow tired of kids acting so bothered by parents wanting a memory. Like it’s such a burden to have this person in your life that is your biggest fan and your own personal paparazzi. Isn’t that part of the reason we drive ourselves nuts making special days for you? Cause we love you and want to capture the sacred times when we were a consistent part of your life….sheesh! Can’t you guys just be cordial and let us have a second to keep this moment forever? I want this memory documented. It’s Drew’s senior year. It’s the first and last dance he and
  • Ethan will be able to go to together. I quickly take some pics even though everyone won’t move out of the way, and are giving me dirty looks for wanting pictures too. Whatever. I’m tired. I’m cranky. My attitude is part of the problem. Channeling…channeling….channeling. <3
  • We leave, and take Ethan to his group. We get there just as they are taking pictures. They need help, and are so grateful to have me step up. Everyone is nice. I guess this is my reward for channeling my inner Christian twenty minutes ago. I get more cooperation the next time around. I take the pics and leave.
  • Drew forgets his money at home, we meet him at the restaurant. Give him his money.
  • Ethan forgets his ticket to prom and money at home. We run back to the house and then run back to the house where they are eating dinner. FOR. THE. LOVE.
  • I snap a couple of pictures of the kids eating and having fun together. They are so darling. I love these kids. I thank the parents for being so awesome and head out.
    It’s now 8pm. Craig’s parents call and want to take us out to dinner and bring me a gift. I’m so tired, but I say let’s do it. We run home, get dressed and they show up. We head to dinner and finally, I exhale. I enjoy the dinner. I adore the soft lap quilt Patti (Craig’s mother) made me. I love home made gifts. It was so beautiful and soft. I love this thing. I will cherish it forever. Seriously, forever.
  • We head home, meet Anthony to get him some sheets for his new bed in his new apartment.
  • I text the kids to see if they are having fun and are being safe. All is well. I wait up with Craig til they all return safely back home. Everyone gets home around 1am (running late from dropping kids off)
  • I collapse into bed with my new blankie. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

I spent the day exactly how I wanted, loving my kids. It’s honestly the best part of my life. I wouldn’t change a thing, except for maybe having some time to do a pedicure. I have some serious Fred Flintstone feet. Yabadabadoo!

Now finally, let me get to the best part of my birthday, cause I haven’t even gotten there yet. During all of the commotion of the day….there was YOU. Each one of you. My phone was buzzing ALL. DAY. LONG.

I didn’t have much time to read things during the day, but when I finally sat down that evening after dinner, I read message after message of such heartfelt and kind words. I was in awe of all of the good hearts that surround me. My eyes got all teary. It was humbling, reading all of the sweet notes and tender messages. Even just the simple thought of saying, “Happy Birthday!” was so kind.
Thank you, Thank you to all of my beautiful friends that texted me, called me, messaged me on social media and stopped by for my birthday. It meant the world to me. Words can not express how much YOU ALL mean to me. It’s hard to always like or comment on everything in my news feed, but rest assured I am checking in on my people all of the time.

I love you, worry for you, and pray for you all of the time. I see so many of you struggling with things, and I want you to know that I notice, and that I pray for you individually. I care about what you are going through. My heart breaks at your tears and heartache. Whether divorce, job loss, addiction, struggles of daily life, the death of a spouse, the death of children and other loved ones. I am so saddened by your losses. I mourn with you. You aren’t forgotten or overlooked. You are seen, and are prayed for, and are loved.

I also see all of the beautiful things happening in your lives. I see the mission calls (i love them so much!) I see the mission updates from your mothers and fathers. I see you come home, so happy and ready to burst at what you have learned and who you have loved. I see all of the engagements, and the bridal pictures, the beautiful weddings, and the updates on how things are going in your marriage. I see the pregnancy announcements, the gender reveals, the birth stories…each one make me so happy!! I see the triumph over your struggles. I cheer with you! I pray for your continued joy!

I just want to tell you all thank you for your friendship, kindness, support and love. It’s overwhelming and so appreciated. It made for a very special birthday, and words I will cherish forever.  Thank you friends! Love you all!





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