We need YOUR help…

Donations are BY FAR OUR our greatest need.

Funding is our greatest obstacle because federal grants for the homeless teen population are sparse, leaving 70% of  operational budget dependent on private donations. The cost to support all of the life sustaining programs for these teens is 3.5 million for one year.

Each and every dollar raised provides youth in receiving basic needs such as:

  • Food, clothing, a warm shelter to sleep.
  • Hygiene items, warm showers, washers and dryers.
  • Access to rides for errands that lead to self-sufficiency (birth certificate, driver’s license, doctors’ appointments, etc)
  • Access to legal aid to help resolve any outstanding issues that prevent them from getting on the road to success
  • Access to mental health and substance abuse programs.
  • Access to guidance counselors and social workers that teach basic and advanced life skills. (help with resumes, proper dialogue, how to get a job.

With your generous financial contribution, youth will continue to receive the support and stability provided to them through homeless youth programs. 

Thank you.
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