David Archuleta’s message to Missionary Momma Francis

I’m so dang excited to pass this message along!

For starters…

It’s been my privilege to meet a lot of people. I adore every soul that God puts in my path. Seriously, it’s my favorite thing about being alive.

One of the sweetest families I’ve gotten to know, love and spend time with, is the Archuleta family. Sorry, but I have to brag about them for a second, cause they are really the best people.

Every single member of the family is incredible. All have hearts of gold and are beautiful in their own right. And those smiles, they could all star on toothpaste commercials!

David’s sisters…amazing! Jazzy is so fun and full of light. Amber is an incredible writer and is so hilarious. I love the way those two (and David) school my boys at super smash brothers!!! Hilarious!  (Although before Drew left on his Mission, he was “training hard” ready for a comeback. They never got that chance, but Drew says, “It’s on,” when he gets back! 😂😂😂) Caiyaih is so spunky and such a fun momma. (I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Lupe’s other son yet, but I know he’s crazy cool too!)

David’s Mom Lupe and his Aunt Miriam Ivonne (I love her daughter Krystal too!) are like my soul sisters. Seriously, some of best women I have ever met! They have no guile, just pure intent and friendship.

David is the most humble, kind and loving human. Very sweet and so down to earth.

Here is proof of his thoughtful demeanor! (David, I’m making sure your message makes it friend!)

Today on his Instagram story he tried to make a missionary mommas day!!! He posted these pics, hoping to catch a very special mom’s attention. Elder Francis is on his way to serve in the Argentina Mission. He looks like an incredible young man, who’s ready to love some special souls down there.

I know Instagram stories don’t last long so I snagged these in hopes she gets the message!

As a second time missionary mom myself, (five more to go!) these are precious memories….especially when your heart is still broken from the goodbye.

So Elder Francis’s Family – Merry Christmas from The Archuleta and Armstrong families!

He’s doing just fine momma! If you need a hug, or a missionary momma lunch/pedicure, just message me and I’ll hook you up! 😘😘😘

We’re in this together.



P.S. Please share this and make sure she gets it!


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