Dawn L. Armstrong is a highly sought after motivational & inspirational speaker for any venue. She’s captivated audiences all over the world by sharing her incredible life experiences. Dawn has the unique ability to blend humor with compassion as she articulates the inner-most feelings of struggle, sacrifice, hardship and triumph. This enables her to create a beautiful sense of community among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Dawn believes strongly in humanity’s ability to overcome any obstacle, and that rock bottom is the perfect springboard for an incredible life.


What people are saying about her speaking engagements:

“I felt extremely blessed and so grateful to hear Dawn speak at BYU Women’s conference last May. Her life story was so moving and inspirational. She has been truly blessed and has developed all the gifts necessary to love, embrace and inspire others. Because she overcame more challenges (without any hint of being a victim) than most can even imagine, her story is even more powerful and life changing for those who hear it! Even though I heard her speak in a setting with hundreds of people, we each felt like we were her dear friends in a very personal setting drawn in by her warmth, sincerity, realness and mostly her love! She is a true disciple and oh how the world needs her at this time.”

Women’s Conference, Brigham Young University


“It was a treasure to have Dawn Armstrong speak with us at our Youth Conference. I witnessed this weekend a small group of boys in our congregation talk about her words, write her words, and on their own committed each other to being worthy sons of God and promise to do everything in their power to treat all women as true daughters of God. Her words and testimony had such a huge impact on my life and on these boy’s lives. I have never witnessed before a group of young men crying together and committing themselves… literally making a covenant between them and God to stay worthy and to get themselves and the women they choose as companions to the Heaven. I wanted her to know about this miracle that I witnessed. Sometimes we never know what kind of an impact we make on the lives of others. She has changed them, she stirred something powerful that will bless them forever and every single person they touch during the course of their existence. All this from her, from sharing her testimony and her love with us. We love her dearly and she has truly touched and changed the lives of all of us”

Daniel Ford
Youth Conference, Western Carolina University

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  1. I can’t seem to get my “Speaking Request” to go through. It keeps telling me: “Date format seems invalid”.
    Here are the details; I apologize if this is a duplicate request.
    Nathan Longhurst
    [email protected]
    Dates requested: either 6/23/17 or 6/24/17
    Keynote speaker for religious organization
    LDS Stake Youth Conference in Murray, UT (approx. 100-150 people)
    2017 Theme: “Ask” (James 1:5-6)

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