Breakfast in Bed

For years, Craig has been the breakfast guy. He makes so many yummy things, German pancakes, hash browns, bacon, eggs, French toast….I mean seriously, YUM. Best hubby award, for life.

There is only one thing he doesn’t do well and it is smoothies. I don’t know how he does it, but they are always super thick and well….. not yummy at all. I am sorry but it’s true!! Everyone in the house knows it. The kids try to act late for school and “have to run” whenever he makes them. None of us have the heart to tell him we hate his smoothies. I love that he is trying to do something thoughtful, so I end up taking one for the team and try to choke it down like a champ. The hard part is that I eat like a bird. He always brings me HUGE glasses of his latest concoctions, and I just can’t physically drink it all. (I do try!)

Lately I have been a little extra burnt out on the “smoothie treatment”, and he has really started getting after me. He will see the cup half full and instantly calls me to repentance. Craig reads me the riot act on being wasteful, and threatens that if I don’t start drinking them, he is going to stop making them for me. In my defense…they are yucky. If he would just give me a small glass of yucky, I would probably drink it all, out of pure loyalty. (I’m talking deep love friends, deeeeeeeeep love to choke these bad boys down)

So this morning, he let me sleep in (angel husband) and after I woke up I saw him walk into the bedroom with a shake in his hand. I’m not gonna lie, my heart sank. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see my babe…but the shake…no. Ugh. I am going to have to choke down another one while he watches to make sure I drink it. I think it’s gotten to the point where mentally it does something to me. Like ignites my gag reflex. So anyway, I took a few sips right in front of him immediately. He smiled at me with his approval, and walked away to go do some things. The second he left I put it on my night stand. Phew, I had passed the test. I can go dump the rest down the sink in when the coast is clear and Wala! Wife of the year. Except for the fact that I forgot to dump it cause I got distracted on my computer. After forgetting all about it sitting there, Craig came back in and laid down next to me to snuggle for a few. He looked up and saw my smoothie still sitting on my night stand with nothing gone but my first few sips.  With irritation in his voice he belts out, “Did you waste my smoothie again!? Are you serious?”  My heart sank, I was busted. I tried to think quick on my feet to make up some excuse but couldn’t come up with anything. I have been here too many times before. I’m fresh out of excuses.

With no reply but the guilty look on my face, I just looked down. He finally quipped, “Give it to me, so it doesn’t go to waste.” I handed the drink over to him and he gave me a dirty look as he drank it down. (probably cause it tasted so bad) I watched him as he gulped it down like a boss, wondering how he can drink that nasty stuff down so fast. Impressive.

I was snapped back into reality as he continued to scold me, “You know, I am going to stop making you smoothies. You waste them every single time.” I cued up in my mind the apology and excuses that have now become so routine. I gently laid my head on his chest and snuggled in, breaking his sternness instantly. He followed up with, “I mean it, I am done making you shakes.”
Looking up into those baby blues, I opened my mouth and the words came out so quick I could hardly stop them. “Do you promise? I mean you keep saying that, but WHEN?”

He looked at me shocked and bewildered, and then we both started laughing so hard!! I felt so relieved. I quickly kissed him to mend things and said, “I love you, and am so grateful that you take such good care of me, please no more smoothies honey. I can’t take it anymore.” With wounded pride he told me I was in charge of my own smoothies from now on. I snuggled in to his chest, chuckled and said, “Deal.”






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