Dawn Armstrong I’m Dawn. Welcome to my beautiful and messy life!

I am the mother of 8 and the wife of one incredible man. I grew up an Iowa farm girl, and that farm girl work ethic still runs through my veins.

My beginnings were tragic. I was homeless by 14 and pregnant with my second child by 17. I’ve had about the most R rated life possible. Rock bottom came for me when I had to bury one of my children completely and utterly alone. Overwhelmed with grief, I sat on the ground one day and wondered how I’d gotten to this place. That life couldn’t be this hard or this sad….there had to be more to life than abuse and loss. I looked around and started to notice that there were happy people everywhere. I decided to be one of them. So I packed up my two year old and headed for higher ground. Through blood, sweat and tears, I learned how to “Mom” and how to “wife” and how to overcome the darkest parts of my life. I have to say…that I fell in love with the process. God gave me a good education. I have had the blessing of practicing faith in 9 different religions, (one being Atheism) all of whom taught me how to truly love people.

Now, I am a happy momma of two black babies and six white ones!! A happy wife to a hubby who has one leg. Neither one of us come from money, so everything we have was earned by the callouses on our hands.

My career was spent in addiction recovery, helping people face their demons. I spent 13 years as a Director at a local hospital where I specialized in nutrition, marketing and strategic planning, sensitivity training and clinical care. I was the first woman (or man) in Utah to earn several National Awards for Excellence. Shortly after, I became a consultant for several hospitals throughout the intermountain west. Funny thing about achievement…no matter how far you go, you never forget your roots. Sometimes I would be teaching a class and think that just a few years back I was working at a slaughter house where I scrubbed chunks of freshly dead cow out of the steel grate stairs. I worked there along with two other jobs just so I could get back on my feet. 8 years ago, I left my six figure salary to stay home full time. I loved my career, but my babies needed me more for that season of my life.

Now that everyone’s in school, my new job title is “Collector of People.” Yep, I travel the world doing the beautiful job of helping people out of the dark. Whether speaking at church’s, juvenile detention centers, prisons, bereavement groups or to a stranger in parking lot….I can fall in love with people in a New York minute!.  I believe that every person I come across is an appointment. Whether that appointment is to laugh, to love, to serve, to listen, to hug, to cry or just to sit with the broken….I ALWAYS keep my appointments. Yeah…this right here friend…it’s an appointment too!

My greatest desire in life has always been to create a place where everyone feels welcome, loved, and a part of something special. To create a little shelter from how rough the world can be. In a world full of billions we should never feel alone, but we do. I hope this is a place where you find laughter, joy and perspective. My second and most important goal is that I also want to live forever in the hearts of those I cherish. I want my loved ones to have my words, even beyond the time I am no longer here to speak them. I want them to know what I would have said to them during their darkest days and their happiest joys. I want them to know what I thought during their red letter days. I want them to hear I love you a million times. Every word I write is my “I love you.” Let’s get through this life together.

All My Love,



You can learn a tiny bit more of my story here…..(the “PG rated” version of it anyway)



  1. Dear Dawn, your story touched me from the very beginning! I am so glad you give people the opportunity to feel home here! Wish you and your lovely family all the best! Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Wow Rahel! I am so grateful you took the time to comment….and how amazing is that, all the way from Switzerland!!! How blessed am I to have friends from all the around the world. I hope you visit often my friend! I have a sweet young about to serve over there! She leaves in April! It would be cool if you got to meet her!


        Cool! Where exactly is she serving ? Alpine mission? Name?

        Would LOVE to meet her! I’m near Zürich…

        And my daughter is going to spend the summer in Logan.. She wants to practise her english…

  2. HOORAY! It’s up and going….and it’s fabulous, welcoming and filled with love.

  3. Loved everything about this. Thanks for sharing your life and story. Go go SuperMom!

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